Kimberly Bartosik/daela is a diverse ensemble of performers and designers working under the artistic leadership of choreographer Kimberly Bartosik. Working collaboratively, we create viscerally provocative, ferociously intimate choreographic projects that are built upon the development of a virtuosic movement language and the creation of highly theatricalized environments. We are dedicated to creating emotionally riveting work that dramatically illuminates the ephemeral nature of performance while critically, tenderly, and violently etching away at deeply distressing threads of our society.

Artist Statement

Through my process, I carve out a space for criticism and compassion while tenderly and violently etching away at some deeply distressing threads of our society. Embracing the physical and emotional extremes of the performers, their bodies become vessels through which ideas, emotion, context, and content flow directly into the audience body. Through this imprint, I invite the audience to think, feel, and reflect on their place within their complicated existence, encouraging their role as active witness.

Recently, I have been building casts of diverse ages, with a focus on young, untrained performers, as well as further encouraging the visceral experience of the audience by inviting them onstage in select circumstances. Their presence is not as performers, but as representatives of the greater world, encountered within a performance arena, creating a complete dissolution of performer/audience boundary.



During her nine-year journey of dancing in the Merce Cunningham Company, Kimberly Bartosik began writing and creating video projects under the name daela. She founded the organization Kimberly Bartosik/daela in 2005, in order to facilitate the development of the creation of her artistic work.

Photo: Ian Douglas

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