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bLUr is a haunted work. Built in cycles that break and reform, blur is about the violent clash of internal cravings with the force necessary to resist them.

It is about time warping and blurring when life is pumped back into a body that has drained out.

Created especially for performers Burr Johnson, Joanna Kotze, Donovan Reed, and Hannah Straney, bLUr is about interventions, tender and brutal rescues, howling hunger, and the blurry line between them.

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bLUr main.jpeg

Live Artery @ New York Live Arts. January 15 @ 7 pm

bLUr is a Chocolate Factory Theater commission. It was presented as a work-in-progress at New York Live Arts in Jan 2024. bLUr was developed in residency at Marble House Project and the Ragdale Foundation during a Sybil Shearer Fellowship. bLUr is also made possible, in part, through the generosity of individual donors, with major support by John Robinson and through a 2024 Bates Dance Festival Creative Development Residency. Photos by Ryutaro Mishima. Video reel by Nattie Trogdon. Music by Sivan Jacobovitz.  Lighting Design by Roderick Murray

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