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The Encounter: Providence

The Encounter: Providence was created in partnership with Motion Space Arts in Providence, RI


A live work of physical theater, The Encounter:Providence (2024) featured 12 local performers, ranging in age from mid 20's-60's. It exists within Bartosik's larger ongoing series, The Encounter, which is being created with communities around the world, merging professional, pre-professional, and non-professional performers. The work is an encounter with oneself , pulling from what we are currently carrying in our bodies–grief, hope, fear, desire, newfound power- and pairs it with our dreams in this moment of reconciliation with time, as we dig our lives out of the pandemics of this age. The burgeoning result is a cross-geographic, global conversation about the ferocious power of the body as a form of communication and the potency of movement as a connective language.


The Encounter: Providence

Choreography and Direction by Kimberly Bartosik

Creative Associate Joanna Kotze

Performed by local community members Diana Duffy, Adam Kotin, nikki lee, Emma Lee Malbon, Lily Mathews, Reka Moscarelli, Robert John Pike, Gary Potvin, Sophia Pray, Anna Slate, Joshua Tuason, Alexis Von Maluski

Music by Frankie Napolski (Buffalo)

Photos by Ian Travis Barnard

The Encounter: Providence was made possible with support from New England Foundation for the Arts’ New England States Touring grant.

This work premiered as part of Motion State Dance Festival, March 1–2, 2024, at Wilbury Theatre Group in Providence, RI. 

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