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i like penises: a little something in 24 acts (2011)

In i like penises: a little something in 24 acts Bartosik creates a choreographic play on power, desire and value. The work is a dialogue between art forms, as the cast of three dancers and one visual artist perform their crafts live, alongside one another, in a series multi-layered scenes. The art forms and the performers interrupt each other in a highly virtuosic and seriously competitive play of replacement.

During the course of each performance, collage artist  Jonathan Allen builds a unique work of art out of cheap objects (purchased from 99¢ stores) the dancers offer and seduce him with. As these cheap objects move from the dancers’ game of give and take to become part of a “work of art”, their significance/value shifts and transforms.

Bartosik is interested in highlighting the obvious and subtle differences between the ephemerality of live performance and replaceable objects in contrast to the more permanent material form of object-based art, both as they are created and in their existence post-performance. Alongside Allen, performers include: Joanna Kotze, Marc Mann, and Edmond Russo (France). Lighting designer Roderick Murray joins Bartosik for his fifth project.

i like penises: a little something in 24 acts premiered in NYC at Danspace Project September 22-24, 2011. i like … was created at the CCN-Franche-Comte de Belfort, France during a FUSED residency and through a Swing Space Intensive residency at Building 110: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s Arts Center at Governors Island. The work is co-presented and co-commissioned by the French Institute/Alliance Francaise’s Crossing the Line Festival and Danspace Project’s Commissioning Initiative, a core component of the Choreographic Center Without Walls (CW²). with support from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. The work is also made possible through the generous support of the Jerome Foundation.

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